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Precise Timings of Some Apparitions

Fatima and a Church Event

Two precise timing relationships exist between events at, and others associated with, the Marian Apparitions which occurred in Fatima during 1917.

The Apparitions of Our Lady at Fatima occurred on only six dates during 1917 as follows -

Sunday 13th May 1917
Wednesday 13th June 1917
Friday 13th July 1917
Sunday 19th August 1917             (Note - 19th, not 13th)
Thursday 13th September 1917
Saturday 13th October 1917

The other associated events involved in one of the precise timings were -

(i) The Decree “Quam Singulari” of 8th August 1910, and
(ii) An Aurora Borealis which occurred on 26th January 1938


There are two precise timing relationships associated with the 1917 Apparitions of Our Lady near the village of Fatima in Portugal.

One is a precise timing within the Apparitions themselves. The other is a very precise timing relationship with an important and relevant development in The Church.

General Details of the Apparitions

There were many apparitions involved. Initially, there were three visionaries - Lucia Santos, Jacinta and Francisco Marto. Lucia Santos was unquestionably the main visionary; Jacinta and Francisco were somewhat incidental.

Broadly, there were three phases to the apparitions -

  • An Angel (The Angel of Peace) appeared to the three children from some time in Spring 1916 to when Our Lady first appeared to them on 13th May 1917.
  • Our Lady appeared to them from 13th May 1917 to 13th October 1917. These occurred one each month. It was Our Lady’s stated intention that Her appearances were to have been on the 13th of each month from May to October. However, all three children were detained by the local Mayor (of Ourem) on 13th August 1917 and so there was no apparition on that day. Our Lady appeared to them on 19th August 1917 instead. She is said to have been very annoyed about the detention of the children.
  • Our Lady subsequently made important appearances to Lucia Santos, who had become a nun, at least up to the 1940s. (Jacinta and Francisco died young.) These later apparitions to Lucia were not in Fatima.
First Timing Relationship (13th of the Month)

It is a matter of considerable surprise to me that I have never come across a reference to the following simple fact -

  • Our Lady appeared in August 1917, not on the 13th but on the 19th.
  • The month of August is a 31 day month.
  • Counting back from 31st August, the 19th August is the 13th day.

That is the first timing relationship. Our Lady was able to counteract a mischief done against Her and Her Visionaries by the simple act of appearing on that particular date - Sunday 19th August 1917.

Second Timing Relationship (With a Church Event)

The dates relevant to this very precise timing relationship are -

  • The date of “Quam Singulari” - namely, 8th August 1910.
  • The date of Our Lady’s first apparition at Fatima, 13th May 1917.
  • The date of Her last apparition at Fatima, 13th October 1917.
  • An Aurora Borealis which Lucia Santos seems to have believed was the promised sign of impending war - namely, 26th January 1938.

The official description of “Quam Singulari” is that it is a Decree of the Sacred Congregation of the Discipline of the Sacraments on First Communion. It requires that children who have reached the use of reason be admitted to Confession and be allowed to receive Holy Communion and, if appropriate, Extreme Unction. It is very strongly worded.

(Note:- The Angel of Peace gave Holy Communion to the three children at Fatima.)

Excluding the entire period of the 1917 Apparitions (the middle phase), there is a period of time before the 1917 Apparitions and there is a period of time after them. The period of time after the 1917 Apparitions is exactly three times the period before them -

(a) The number of days from
8-8-1910 to 12-5-1917 is             2470

(b) The number of days from
14-10-1917 to 26-1-1938 is         7410

2470 x 3 = 7410

I believe, and I am asking the reader to believe, that this mathematical relationship was, in fact, planned (most likely by or for Our Lady).

These two time periods are related to each other in the ratio 1:3.

You will notice the visual similarity between this ratio (1:3) and 13th of months. Perhaps another planned aspect..?

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This is not the only precise timing relationship relating to apparitions and apparition visionaries but it is one of the most persuasive.

There is another very persuasive precise timing relationship associated with the apparitions at Lourdes, Chambéry and Fatima.  To go to the webpage which deals with that one Click Here.